• Solids Handling

    Solids Handling

    Solids handling at the industrial scale always seem to create more problems than it needs to.
    This is usually because powders do not flow like liquids, configurations
    that are good for liquid handling are frequently the least appropriate for powders.

Grain Flow

As a example, simple circular cross section hoppers are not good for powder flow because the circumference stresses that are set up the powder lead to blockages rather than the good flow that would occur with liquid.

Not only are we familiar with the requirements for powder flow we are also familiar the major hazards that can be associated with powders. This not only includes containment to overcome issues associated with occupation health requirements but also the risks associated with dust explosions.

So if you are involved with an oral solid dosage plant, creams plant, handling biopharmaceutical media and buffers or whatever powder handling facility we can help you overcome any problems that you may have. We are familiar with many of the common solutions to the problems and since with are not an equipment vendor we can provide you with open, unbiased and pragmatic recommendations.

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